Since 1990 distribute and sell machinery, equipment, products and materials for the industry, handicrafts, construction and agriculture, employing qualified and prestigious international companies, ensuring our customers the highest quality, reliability and professionalism.
Companies like Gardner Denver, Robuschi, Honda, Hitachi, Imer, Genset, ACF, Seychelles, GMA Australian Garnet, are just someof the prestigious brands treated in relazioniconsolidate result of many yearsof activity.
A modern and well equipped workshop ensures qualified technical assistance, scheduled maintenance, computer diagnostics and much more.
Our specialized staff, pluricertificato and experienced, provides reliable results in all fields of application and allows us diassistere our clients in all circumstances.
We have a large warehouse and a sales force consisting of internal staff, by specialist officers and authorized retailers.
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Tourist Companies

  Are you a tourist company?
Entrusted to experts in electrical power management, choose the current generator adapted to the needs of your business and save! New, used, rental, operating lease, direct assistance in the home, accessories, spare parts.

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  Are you a winery?
Check the efficiency of your production facility, we provide machinery and equipment are adequate, provide service directly from the winery.
And for payments? Supplies in the operating lease.

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